How To: Pick The Right School For Your Kids

Picking the right school is just one of the many priorities on your check-list. A question that all parents ask themselves. Picking a school can be one of the most difficult decisions a parent must make as it can drastically affect their children’s future.

We live in a region where schools are about as plentiful as supermarkets. Having too many options, while a luxury; can be very confusing and frustrating to parents.

For parents, the most important thing is for them to offer their offspring the best education they can within their capabilities. When deciding which school/nursery to enrol your children in or if you are thinking of moving your kids to a brand-new school, then here are some considerations you might want to keep in mind:

  1. Educational System: British, American, French or other – this will help you narrow your search down
  1. Profit or Non-Profit: Some parents prefer that all resources and money be returned to the school and not to investors
  1. Teacher Turnover: How long teachers spend in the school can be an indication to the inner running of the school
  1. Location: Proximity to home is always an advantage as it reduces transport time for kids
  1. Languages: Some parents consider a strong language program essential in their child’s education
  1. Sports: A strong sports program can encourage parents to favour a certain school especially if sports scholarships can be a consideration for the future
  1. Company Debentures: If your company has an existing debenture in an educational institution then that can make your decision quick and easy
  1. Fees Structure
  2. Cultural Diversity in the Student Body: For some parents, an international student body is very important to them
  1. Student Support: Some schools have in-house counsellors while others do not. If you feel your child needs to be in a school that offers that then you might want to ask about it.
  1. Recommendations from friends and family: Word of mouth remains a very strong influence on people before several major decisions. Ask your friends, family and co-workers for their take on the best schools they know.
  1. Track records: Keep a track of the alumni and how past students have performed
  1. University connections and affiliations
  2. Teacher Accessibility: While some schools allow almost instant access to teachers, in other schools it can be more difficult
  1. Government Rating: All countries have a government educational body that inspects and rates all schools according to certain criteria.
  1. A School That Accommodates Till Grade 12th: To avoid the hassle of having to move your kids from a primary to a separate secondary, look for a school that runs from foundation to high school.

Pro Tip: For parents who are considering a change of school for their children need to consider how their child feels about this change. While children are resilient creatures; a change of school can be very upsetting and unsettling. Therefore, you might need to spend some extra time helping them through this transition and maybe reaching out to a new school for any resources, introductions, counselling or buddies they can provide you with.

In addition to these pointers, just keep in mind that sometimes not all your criteria can be met. Narrowing your deal breakers will also help you narrow down your options.