3M C-50 Desktop Organiser 12 X 8 X 3
3M C-50 Desktop Organiser 12 X 8 X 3
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3M C-50 Desktop Organiser 12 X 8 X 3

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The 3m post-it desk organiser is the ideal solution to keep every desk tidy and well organised in order to make working easier and more efficient. the weighted base secures the organiser on the desk and prevents it from moving around. the organiser arrives pre-loaded with one stack of yellow post-it notes, 4 small index dispensers in red, blue, yellow and green, as well as a roll of clear scotch magic tape. Simple and efficient way to keep the desk organised, improving workflow Ix different storage compartments for pens, pencils, cds and more / keeps office supplies such as paper clips, pens, pencils and business cards organised for easier access Includes: 1 pad of canary yellow post-it notes 76 MM x 76 MM, 4 small index dispensers 11,9mm x 43,2 mm and 1 scotch magic tape 19mm x 33m Weighted base keeps the organiser in place, preventing it from slipping around the table when being used Items included: 1x post-it desk organiser 265 x 168 x 68mm, 1x post-it notes, 4x index dispensers and 1x scotch magic tape six compartment desktop organiser with stationery
Brand: 3M


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