David Attenborough's Life On Land - A DVD Encyclopaedia
David Attenborough's Life On Land - A DVD Encyclopaedia
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David Attenborough's Life On Land - A DVD Encyclopaedia

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Twenty years ago, David Attenborough started making a series of programmes about the different groups of living organisms that inhabit our planet--birds and mammals, plants and insects, amphibians and reptiles. These landmark series now form David Attenborough’s Life on Land Collection and are brought to you here in the order in which these various groups arrived during the history of life on Earth.

To accompany these series is an index, which can be accessed interactively on each of the discs and is also included in this collection as a hard-backed book. You can use the index to look up a species and find not only on which disc (or discs) it appears, but by clicking on its name, summon it to your screen. You can also use the same method to find examples of particular aspects of natural history, such as mimicry and camouflage, aggression or courtship. David Attenborough’s Life on Land Collection is a 40 hour long panorama of the living world as it exists today. Now it is yours to explore.

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