Disney Junior Little Einsteins Go to America Dvd
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Disney Junior Little Einsteins Go to America Dvd

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Next Stop, America!

From the Big Woods of Arkansas to the Pacific Northwest, Fun, Friendship and surprises await when you Go To America!

Drum up excitement with Quincy and the Team as you journey to the Ozark Mountains with Tapper, an ivory Billed Woodpecker. First, however, you'll have to get through a mysterious swap- But watch out for alligators! Then, rescue Leo's Music Pet, Melody, from the bottom of Utah's Cataract canyon, and explore an icy cave in Alaska. Whether you're hiking, floating, skiing or soaring, you'll discover nonstop adventure and breathtaking scenery with the little Einsteins.

  • Language: : English, Arabic, Arabic, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, 
  • Subtitle: English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch
  • Region: 2
  • Number of Dics: 1