23-Piece Eastcolight Microscope Kit
23-Piece Eastcolight Microscope Kit
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23-Piece Eastcolight Microscope Kit

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Stimulates kid's imagination with eye-catching design.
Optimal shape and texture invites your child to touch and explore.
Top-quality material grants it long lasting durability.
Safe and non-toxic make ensures a peace of mind

Magnification : 450x
Set Includes : Glass Slide With The Drug, 4 x Glass Slides, 5 x Glass Coverslips, 10 x Clean Stickers and 2 x Reagent Vials
Colour Name : Blue/Black
Country of Origin : China
Department : Kids Unisex
Material : Plastic
Model Number : 4893669213517
Product Height : 25.4 cm
Age Group : Not Specified


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