KidzLabs Science Magic Kit
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KidzLabs Science Magic Kit

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  • With the KidzLabs Science Magic Kit you can amaze your friends and family with the magic of science
  • Perform a scientific magic show full of fun science tricks from magnetism to reading minds with this kit
  • This cool science and magic show kit is packed with 20 tricks and fun activities that will entertain the entire family
  • You may need some household items from your home to complete the tricks
Recommended For
  • Independent Play
  • Motor Skills
  • Creative Play
  • STEM Skills
What's in the box?
  • 1 specially designed screw cap, 2 straws and 3 metal washers
  • 1 plastic cup and 1 suction tube
  • 1 mini U-shaped magnet, 3 mini plastic boats and 2 glow marbles
  • 4 paper clips, 2 long paper strips, 1 adhesive tab
  • 1 plastic bag and 1 rubber band
  • 1 printed paper leaflet, 1 printed card board and instruction manual


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