Playmobil Space Mars Space Station
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Playmobil Space Mars Space Station

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  • Imagine living on the red planet with the Playmobil Space Mars Space Station
  • Station is equipped with all the tools needed for exploration
  • Working lights under the hub for astronauts to spot the station from far away
  • Lower the front ramp and enter the station through the rotating hatch
  • Central command room to keep in contact with base on earth
  • Working double laser shooter to keep intruders at bay
  • Figures can bend, sit, stand and turn their heads
  • Includes 2 astronaut figures, a robot, a Mars station, a weapon, 2 projectiles, 3 circuit boards, an astronaut backpack, a clock radio, a fitness device, a control unit with connecting cable, a microscope, a laptop, a flashlight, a video recorder, 6 tools, 4 medical instruments, 2 toothbrushes, a tube, 3 drinking cups, 2 rocks, a lettuce head, 5 juice bags, 4 food bags, 2 astronaut helmets with visor, 6 bars, 2 caps, 2 pairs of astronaut armrests and a headlamp
  • Measures 50 cm long, 28 cm wide and 20 cm high
Recommended For
  • Motor Skills
  • Independent Play
What's in the box?
  • 2 figures
  • 1 space station
  • Accessories


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