Knife : (Harry Hole 12)
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Knife : (Harry Hole 12)

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You can imagine the worst (and you will probably be right), but the brilliant Jo Nesbo will surprise you anyway. Knife is the most unpredictable novel in the [Harry Hole] series * Forbes, Russia * This is Scandi noir as dark as obsidian with an emotional wreck of a protagonist * i * Knife sees the return of Harry's old nemesis Svein Finne... The plot never goes the way you think it will, as Nesbo delights in playing tricks on the reader * Mail on Sunday * Knife shows Nesbo back on form... This is a police procedural that breaks the bounds of the format with abandon... Nesbo manhandles the reader into contented...submission * Financial Times * [Knife] may be Nesbo's best storytelling yet. It's not just clever; it's diabolical, and let's be glad it is, because the corkscrewing plot provides a measure of relief from the pain on view in this uncompromisingly intense and brilliant novel * Booklist *
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