My Friends Tigger And Pooh - Christmas Movie DVD
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My Friends Tigger And Pooh - Christmas Movie DVD

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Tigger and Pooh - Super Sleuth Christmas Movie disney animated adventure.CGI-animated adventure with Pooh and his friends. When Pooh and the gang find one of Santa's reindeer lost in the woods, they fear Santa won't be able to deliver presents around the world without all of his reindeer. Hoping to save Christmas, they set off to deliver him back to the North Pole. But along the way, they become stranded and have to set up camp. It's not the ideal Christmas Eve - but they learn that the true meaning of Christmas is about being together. This title introduces new characters Darby, a precocious six-year-old, and her dog Buster, who live on the outskirts of the 100-Acre Wood.

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