Strawberry Shortcake Vol. 2 DVD
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Strawberry Shortcake Vol. 2 DVD

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Best Pets Yet

  • Strawberry takes a little lost dog called pupcake, but her spoilt house cat custard does everything to make peppy puppy want to leave. There is a pet competition, only to learn that no one has to " win" anything in order to be happy and have fun!

Spring For Strawberry Shortcake

  • It may be the first day of Spring in Strawberry land but it looks like Spring isn't going to come this year

Cooking Up Fun

  • Join our berry best friends, Strawberry shortcake, and her favorite pals, on another yummy advature- and strawberry will give you some great, easy recipes, too!

Berry Fairy Tales

  • Strawberry is thrilled to meet Margalo, the fairy who brings color to all berries, but soon she learns that all she wants to do is to goof off and let Strawberry take care of her!

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