Avery Multipurpose Labels 3666, 38 X 21.2 Mm, 65 L
Avery Multipurpose Labels 3666, 38 X 21.2 Mm, 65 L
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Avery Multipurpose Labels 3666, 38 X 21.2 Mm, 65 Labels Per Sheet, 100 Sheets In A Pack, For All Printers

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Avery Multipurpose Labels is the solution for a number of labelling needs so you are always assured to have the right label for the job. Whether it is sending out mailings or labelling up project files, they are also perfectly suited to a range of different labelling applications and projects around the home. The labels are compatible with most popular laser, inkjet and multifunctional print devices including copiers.The white labels are easily customizable and suitable for a variety of purposes. Apply them as identification markers on any number of different objects. They can be used on documents, for mailings, tracking items and more. Whatever your mission, the permanent adhesive ensures that your label will stick to its task, staying just where you put it. Designed for use in all laser and inkjet printers, including multifunctional devices and photocopiers.Jam-free label printing with no adhesive residues left in the printer.A comprehensive choice of labels for a range of applications at work or at home
Brand: Avery


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