Edding E-380 Flipchart Marker Bullet Tip 0.8Mm Col
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Edding E-380 Flipchart Marker Bullet Tip 0.8Mm Colour Red

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When writing on flipcharts during presentations or brainstorming, nothing is more annoying than having a bleed through to the next page / Luckily, the brilliant ink of the edding 380 flipchart marker does neither bleed through nor does the marker dry out / Even after leaving it for several weeks without its cap on, the marker will write as nice and smoothly as when it was first opened / Its robust round nib creates a clear stroke.Better yet, its brilliant low odour colour stays vivid without fading, even at longer texts or visualisations / Round Nib 1.5-3MM / Refillable / Water Based Ink / Paper and Flipchart / Made in Germany
Brand: Edding


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