Filing Labels L7171-100 With Ultragrip Technology,
Filing Labels L7171-100 With Ultragrip Technology,
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Filing Labels L7171-100 With Ultragrip Technology, 200 X 60 Mm, 4 Labels Per Sheet, 100 Sheets In A Pack

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Avery Filing labels now come with UltraGrip technology designed to give you the absolute confidence that you are putting only the highest quality product through your printers. The 3D microdot blue bars on the top and bottom of the front sheet ensure the printer grips and feeds the label sheet correctly. Printers aren't perfect, so to ensure you get the best results, select 'labels' as the media type, and also use the multipurpose/bypass tray to load the sheets, as we have always recommended when using our labels.ide the 10 labels on the sheet along the perforation to expose the label edges and then peel and apply, it is so easy and makes labelling of your mail so much quicker. Ideal for labelling C4 envelopes. JamFREE printing - special edges on the label sheet ensures no adhesive residue is left on your printer.Opaque BlockOut materials hides text and labels - Ideal for reusing folders
Brand: Avery


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