The Imbible: A Cocktail Guide for Beginning and Home Bartenders by LeMon, Micah, McGovern, Tom
  • SKU: 978-0813940380

The Imbible: A Cocktail Guide for Beginning and Home Bartenders by LeMon, Micah, McGovern, Tom

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  • Publisher : University of Virginia Press (30 October 2017)
  • Language : English
  • Hardcover : 224 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 0813940389
  • ISBN-13 : 978-0813940380
  • Reading age : 18 years and up
  • Dimensions : 13.18 x 1.75 x 20.5 cm


The Imbible is the sensible playbook drinkers and home bartenders have long desired.... Each chapter of this refreshing tome flows seamlessly into the next, making this a light read you can knock out in one sitting. Drinking while reading is encouraged.

--Pen + Knife

A handsome guide that shows how to make sophisticated, classic mixed drinks as well as new concoctions; it includes a splash of history, a liquor tutorial and tips for budding mixologists hoping to invent their own.

--Los Angeles Times

If you've ever watched LeMon behind the bar at The Alley Light in Charlottesville, you know that he's a master mixologist and an engaging ambassador for cocktail culture.

--Edible Blue Ridge

LeMon has compiled his cocktail wizardry into a book called The Imbible... LeMon said he took a break from bartending about a decade ago... But the pull of mixing drinks lured him back, and eight years ago, he decided to get serious about bartending as a career. He said that decision corresponded with the public's increased interest in cocktail making technique and theory. His book is aimed at those with that curiosity.

--CBS 19

Touted as a starter guide for home bartenders, it breaks down the necessary tools and techniques and how to bend the rules once you learn them.

--The Local Palate

Teaching cocktails via patterns is one of the most effective and efficient ways to advance any novice bartender, and I appreciate Micah LeMon's approach to this book as a teacher myself. His passion for cocktails translates to his writing, and he has a lovely way of engaging the reader with bits of history and stories. This book will appeal to bartenders, industry professionals, and enthusiasts alike.

--Tyler Hudgens, bar director, The Dabney, Washington, D.C.

About the Author

Micah LeMon is bar manager at the James Beard Award-nominated Alley Light and writes a column on craft cocktails for C-Ville Weekly.